Pot Topics: Medical weed use up 80% in Illinois; Mormons back Utah pot plan – Chicago Sun

Pot Topics is a weekly collection of cannabis-related news curated by the Chicago Sun-Times. Here’s the latest news for this week:

  • Medical marijuana use in Illinois jumps by 80 percent
  • Michigan lawmakers vote to outlaw pot-infused alcoholic drinks
  • Pepsi won’t jump into the cannabis market
  • Chicago pot company releases vape pens to support breast cancer awareness
  • Mormon church supports medical marijuana compromise in Utah
  • Canadians will be able to bring pot on domestic flights

Medical marijuana use up 80 percent in Illinois

The Sun-Times curates a weekly round-up of cannabis news. | File Photo

A report found that medical marijuana use in Illinois has increased by 80 percent. | Adobe file Photo

A new report from the Illinois Department of Public Health says medical marijuana use has jumped by 80 percent in the state.

More than 46,000 Illinoisans have used medical marijuana this year, mostly to treat PTSD, fibromyalgia

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