What Is Marijuana Kief And What Can You Do With It?

marijuana cannabis kief

The cannabis plant is one of the most beautiful things on earth in my opinion. Growing up I consumed more brick weed than I would like to admit, which was unfortunate. But it helped me build a huge appreciation for the look of quality cannabis.

Brick weed was always so dark and had virtually no ‘crystals’ on it. When I would get my hands on high-end cannabis, often referred to as ‘kill bud’ back in the day, I would sit and look in amazement for hours on end at how sparkly the cannabis flower was.

My buddy’s stepdad cultivated some of the sparkliest cannabis that I have ever seen. This was decades ago before consumers really knew what strain they were cultivating. My friend’s stepdad would refer to his garden as ‘his project’ which then led to us naming the strain he

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