Oklahoma Medical Marijuana By the Numbers: Current Patient-to Dispensary Ratio is 12:1 as Health Department Gets …

Missouri voters have three options to legalize medical marijuana during November’s midterm election: two constitutional amendments and one statutory amendment.

While all three measures achieve the same overall goal of legalizing medical cannabis, each imposes varying taxes and ways to regulate the program.

The constitutional amendments—Amendment 2 and Amendment 3—could only be changed later through a public vote, while the statutory amendment—Proposition C—would create a new law that could be altered by state legislators.

In early May, Amendment 2 became the first initiative to qualify for the ballot, when its campaign committee, New Approach Missouri, submitted 370,000 signatures—more than double the number required to qualify for the ballot. The medical marijuana program would be regulated and licensed by the Missouri Department of Health, and the proposal would allow state-licensed physicians to recommend medical marijuana to patients with specified conditions, including cancer, epilepsy and PTSD. The

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