The great cannabis dinner debate: Smoke it or eat it? – SFChronicle …

If there’s one word that characterizes the cannabis dinner party in 2018, my friends, it is not “munchies.” One might talk about “craveables,” which is an actual word people use to describe snacks in 2018, though none of them are editors of the Merriam-Webster dictionary. No, one does not attend a cannabis dinner party in order to crunch glassy-eyed on one’s food. One approaches dinner as a sensory experience. And the word you’ll hear most often in those discussions is “terpenes.”

“If you are new to herbal products, terpenes are the organic compounds that give cannabis all of the wonderful aromas and flavors we can perceive,” writes Jamie Evans, a San Francisco wine professional who hosts tasting events as the Herb Somm ( “Each strain has unique characteristics due to farming practices and the terroir in which it was grown to create different and expressive cannabinoid and terpene profiles.”


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