City Council to discuss cannabis regulation, Pathways STAIR Navigation Center progress

Berkeley City Council will hold a special meeting Tuesday evening to discuss cannabis regulation as well as review recent progress made by the Pathways STAIR Navigation Center, which provides services for Berkeley’s homeless community.

The council will evaluate the Pathways STAIR Navigation Center’s first six weeks of operation after its opening in June 2018. It is set to review a Berkeley Health, Housing and Community Services, or HHCS, staff report that compiled data “on existing program metrics” and included five interview responses from center clients.

Homeless activist and former Berkeley mayoral candidate Guy “Mike” Lee said in an email that he believes the Pathways project was in part “inspired by” comments he made in 2016 as part of his campaignwhen he stressed the need for a year-round homeless shelter providing a full support system. He also said the center is “absolutely not” a step in the right direction toward solving the issue of

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