Coral Cove Cannabis Retreat Is Jamaica’s Best Kept Secret

It is a safe bet that anyone traveling to Jamaica on vacation is open to the experience of, if not directly looking for, an opportunity to legally consume cannabis. Cannabis tourism in Jamaica is taking off, as properties across the Caribbean island are highlighted for their ingenuity in the fast-growing industry. Coral Cove is the perfect example of one such retreat. 

Originators of the cannabis tourism experience, Higher Way Travel carved out a niche by bringing cannabis tourists to Amsterdam for the High Times Cannabis Cup and ensuing festivities. Run by April Black, wife of the infamous Blazin’ with Bobby Black podcaster, Higher Way Tours have since branched out into facilitating tourist experiences in Jamaica.

One place the dope duo highly recommend is Coral Cove, situated in the serene, West End of the parish of Westmoreland, along the Jamaican

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