Many baby boomers and seniors turning to pot as alternative to prescription meds

I was at a barbecue this past summer with a group of other baby boomers, when someone brought up the use of medical marijuana.

Now, this was not a group of flower children who had continued smoking joints over the decades, but instead it was made up of professionals — some retired and some not — who had not regularly used pot since the 1960s or ‘70s — if ever at all.

As it turned out, and much to my surprise, pretty much everyone sitting around the outdoor fireplace that evening said they had turned to medical marijuana for pain relief or for help for sleep disturbances. One 65-year-old explained he takes cannabidiol after his beer-league hockey games for knee pain, while another said she was giving it to her elderly mother to help her sleep. Another said she used it to help her sleep after working graveyard shifts

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