Chicago pastry Chef Mindy Segal launches 2nd line of cannabis-infused sweets – Chicago Sun

Mindy Segal paced around her popular Bucktown cafe on a sunny Tuesday in late September, unboxing kitschy vintage dishes and talking about weed.

The James Beard Award-winning pastry chef uses pot to treat severe migraines and manage chronic back pain, favoring vape pens over smoking dried cannabis flower.

From her pot to her dishware to the seven types of hot chocolate on the menu at her restaurant, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, Segal is particular and likes things her way. So when she combined some of her passions and launched a line of cannabis-infused edibles in 2015, she wanted to do it on her own terms.

“I felt like, not only was it something I wanted to do, but it was something that I wanted to make a statement about,” Segal said. “Like here’s this James Beard chef, owns her own restaurant, people know who she is, she’s written a cookbook and wow she’s doing

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