Low-THC Marijuana Products Could Be A Big Hit in Canada

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When Canada launches its fully recreational marijuana market in the next week, the cannabis industry is expected to not only serve those die-hard customers who have dedicated years, maybe even decades to the black market but also those curious people new to cannabis. It is those neophytes on the scene, those with little concern for getting stoned out of their gourds, that could create an overwhelming demand in low-THC pot products, according to an insightful report from Deloitte.

It seems the American CBD craze has invaded Canada. Now, more of those customers, presumably the ones with less experience with hard-hitting pot like GG#4, or these things called dabs are requesting products heavy in the non-intoxicating compound of the cannabis plant. These people are the focus of the latest market report that suggests new, legal users (typically older folks) are more intrigued these days by the

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