Treat or Trick?

Last week, The Seattle
reported that a new edict had come down from the Overlords of Vice (Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board) that some previously approved edibles were now heading to the chopping block because they are possibly “exceedingly appealing to children.”

The board is acting on “several” complaints they’ve collected over the years, claims board spokesman Brian Smith. Smith said that when the board members looked into the cases, they also had concerns and decided to re-evaluate the products.

In a presentation posted online, the agency identified colorful gummi-style and hard candies as ripe for a regulatory crackdown. Last year a similar law in Colorado took effect, banning any edible marijuana product shaped like an animal or person.

According to the presentation, “all production” of hard candies, tarts, fruit chews, colorful chocolates, jellies, and “gummy type products should cease as they will not qualify.” Companies making

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