Business community bracing for green rush of legal cannabis

At the end of the business this coming Tuesday, the 60 employees of the Original Farm’s two stores start a paid vacation while their employer closes the business to wait for provincial approval to sell cannabis.

Allan Lingwood, compliance officer for the company, is optimistic that its stores at 3055-A Scott St. and 1402 Douglas St. will be back in business within six weeks, once a provincial licence is approved.

When that happens, stores will be stocked with product available through the province. “We will provide as much product as they have available for us,” Lingwood said Wednesday. “We are optimistic about their supply levels.”

Like other existing cannabis dispensaries in B.C., the Original Farm had to decide whether to stay open or to close while seeking a provincial licence. It put its products on sale this month in anticipation of the closure.

Marijuana will be legal across Canada

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