Pot and donairs could be sweet for business

A popular donair shop in Halifax expects a boost in business following cannabis legalization on Oct. 17, thanks to customers with the munchies.

“I can’t think of what else you’d rather eat,” said Nicholas Nahas, owner of King of Donair. “I don’t see many people craving a salad after they’ve had a few tokes.”

Trivago Magazine named Halifax as one of the top five Canadian destinations for pot smokers earlier this year.

The article recommends touring the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, smoking a joint at Conrose Park and grabbing a donair — the “stoner snack of a lifetime.”

Lisa Bower of Virginia thinks legalization will be attractive for tourists coming to Halifax.

​Nahas says while he doesn’t want a smoking section outside his donair shop, he does welcome more customers.

“We get a lot of Americans and tourists outside other countries as well. I’m sure they’ll be happy to come here and find out

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