The CEO of the biggest cannabis company in the US reveals what’s next following a $682 million acquisition

MedMen, one of the most visible cannabis retailers in the US market, has been on a tear in recent weeks.

On Thursday, the company announced it acquired PharmaCann, a network of medical marijuana retailers, nearly doubling the combined firm’s footprint.

Its 14 brick-and-mortar outlets — positioned on some of the trendiest shopping streets in the world, like New York’s Fifth Avenue and Venice Beach’s Abbot Kinney Boulevard — have been likened to the “Apple Stores” of the booming marijuana industry

Following the acquisition, MedMen became the biggest cannabis company in the US. with a valuation close to $1.9 billion.

The company’s CEO sat down with Business Insider on Friday to discuss the company’s ambitious plans for the future.

“I’m really flattered when I hear the Apple Store comparison, or when I hear the Starbucks

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