Zzz Natural: The Cannabis Brand Aiming To Solve America’s $400 Billion Sleeping Problem

Zzz Natural Founder Blake Ricciardi seated at his company’s display during the inaugural Hall of Flowers cannabis trade show in Santa Rosa, CA on September 17, 2018. Photo by Mike Le

By 2050, Americans are expected to spend a projected $52 billion on sleep aids, marking an exponential increase from the $41 billion spent on sleep remedies in 2015.

These staggering statistics largely stem from the fact that an estimated 20% of Americans suffer from a sleep disorder, while 35% fail to register the recommended 7 hours of sleep needed for the body to feel rested. This percentage spikes significantly for teenagers, with 92% receiving less than 6 hours of sleep nightly. Consequently, despite advancements in pharmaceutical medicine, enhancements in bedding materials and design, along with a wide range of natural practices for calming the body — sleep deprivation costs the United States an astounding

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