Bringing Back Some Pot Edibles From Colorado? Texas Has a Nasty Surprise for You.

Family was part of the reason Jane (a pseudonym) headed to Colorado in July 2017 with two friends from Dallas. They had planned it as a vacation until her mother received a cancer diagnosis. Chemotherapy treatments left Jane’s mother nervous and ill. Some friends in Denver had told her about THC and CBD-infused chocolate bars, gummies and lollipops. The delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes marijuana’s high, relieves pain and nausea and is reputed to treat seizures and reduce anxiety and paranoia.

For Jane’s mother, marijuana would help her regain her appetite and keep up her strength for chemo. It would become her spinach, her magic ring.

To the Wichita Falls police K-9 unit, it was a felony.

Under Texas law, possession of up to 4 ounces of marijuana plant is a misdemeanor. Extract the hash or resin from the same amount of plant, however, and

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