Weed sellers target women who’d rather not smell like a skunk

Long before marijuana showed up in fancy dispensaries, the weed market mostly consisted of young guys who love to get high. So it stands to reason that early purveyors of legal weed mostly emphasized the potency of their products and leaned heavily on stoner culture, including Instagram images of scantily clad women and giant plumes of smoke.

“It was Duck Dynasty, meets Wu-Tang, meets a lot of misogyny,” says Adrian Sedlin, the chief executive officer of Canndescent, which became California’s top-selling weed brand last year.

Credit: iStock

Now that marijuana is legal for adult use in nine states including the massive California market, cannabis purveyors are keen to push beyond the core demographic of stoner bros. Women have become one the fastest-growing customer segments—whether it’s moms trading in their chardonnay for a vape pen or yoga acolytes seeking out weed-infused

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