Weekend baking project: A California chef on how to make your own …

Chef Chris Sayegh wants to show people that edible cannabis can be used for much more than making pot brownies.

The California-based, Michelin restaurant-trained chef says Canadians are on the verge of a foodie revolution fuelled by legal cannabis, which can be used to infuse everything from sweets to steaks.

Here are all the legal ways to consume pot in Canada

Sayegh wants to help guide that revolution in a responsible direction, by sharing some of the lessons he’s learned after four years of making gourmet cannabis-infused dishes as a chef in Los Angeles. He was in Toronto for legalization this week to showcase some of his fine-dining cuisine and to give Canadians a taste of what’s possible with edible cannabis.

“Instead of eating brownies and Rice Krispie [squares] all the time, you can now eat something that is wholesome, made

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