Lakritz: Liberals pay little heed to cannabis health fears

Last week, the federal government announced a proposal to put health warnings on every single cigarette in a package. Meanwhile, last week it was full speed ahead on the proliferation of legalized pot in Canada, despite the fact that tobacco smoke and marijuana smoke both have approximately 400 carcinogens. Why the discrepancy in concern over the two types of smoke?

According to media reports, Health Canada would like to reduce rates of cigarette smoking to below five per cent by 2035. Yet, the government is simultaneously encouraging smoking of the equally carcinogenic and noxious cannabis. Health Canada’s estimates are that 45,000 Canadians a year die from causes related to cigarette smoking. But nobody seems concerned about the thousands of Canadians who are likely to develop illnesses from inhaling pot smoke, with the accompanying inevitable costs to the health-care system.

Those costs will include not just respiratory diseases, but the treatment of schizophrenia,

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