Missouri legalizes medical marijuana with passage of Amendment 2

Dan Viets, president of New Approach Missouri, the Amendment 2 campaign committee, was glued to the only television in the corner of the Grand Cru restaurant Tuesday night.

He eagerly waited to see if Missouri would become the 32nd state to legalize medical marijuana, an issue he’s dedicated years to. Yet, when the results rolled in, showing over 60 percent approval, Viets was a bit confused and “reluctant” to celebrate until all of the votes were counted.

Many watch party attendees were confident their amendment would pass, but concerned whether or not it would beat out other medical marijuana proposals.

“We were very worried about the fact that most voters, of course, aren’t intensely following this campaign and they might not understand the differences at all, but I think the returns validate the fact that the voters are pretty smart and they do understand what’s going on,” Viets said. “I

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