How Vitalis Builds Cannabis Extraction Equipment for the Future

This article is sponsored by Vitalis Extraction, manufacturer of some of the world’s most sophisticated supercritical CO2 extraction equipment.

As cannabis legalization—both medical and recreational—spreads across North America, cannabis concentrates and extracts are growing in popularity. From flavorful oils that fill vaporizer cartridges to potent distillates that give many cannabis edibles their cannabinoid content, you’ll find cannabis concentrates in one form or another on most dispensary shelves.

The rules surrounding these products, though, differ depending on what state, country, and province those shelves are in. Regulations around what concentrates are tested for, what certifications the machines processing them need to meet, and how the end product must be labelled can vary widely between jurisdictions.

Consistency Across Borders

For processors and extractors, that diversity of regulations presents a challenge. Companies investing in large-scale extraction equipment are already seeing regulations around that equipment change on a state-by-state basis.

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