Letter from the Editor

1. You didn’t prepare for the cost.

An HVAC system can be costly. In fact, Aaron Mullins, systems engineer for Denver-based cannabis consultancy Next Big Crop, has worked on projects where HVAC system costs reached up to $120 per square foot of facility space. “A lot of the time, owners aren’t prepared for the cost of the system,” he says, “so they try to cut costs—they under-specify the system or build it out at 80 percent of what they need.” Nothing is wrong with trying to save money, but when you under-build and inevitable problems arise, Mullins warns, “you won’t have the capacity to deal with them.” To ensure your HVAC is built to last and evolve, Mullins recommends identifying what you need for production today—then building an HVAC system that’s 20-percent bigger. “That way, if something comes up, you have the capacity to deal with it,”

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