Linx Vapor Gaia Vaporizer Buy-Back Program in Honor of Veteran’s …

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Nov 9, 2018 – Innovation and health-centric luxury vaporizer company Linx Vapor has donated hundreds of its vaporizers to veterans throughout the nation and will be dedicating the month of November to sharing their stories across their social media channels.

In the first half of 2018, Linx implemented a program in which customers were able to return their used models of the Linx Gaia, one of Linx’s most popular dry herb vaporizers, in exchange for an updated version of the device. The program proved a success, and hundreds of units were returned, refurbished and given to veterans across the United States at no cost to them.

Most notably, Linx Vapor teamed up with the Southern California Veterans Coalition, an organization aimed at advocating cannabis use for veterans through outreach, education and socialization.

Throughout the month of November, Linx Vapor will be sharing these veterans’ stories across their social media

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