Council approves moratorium on future retail cannabis businesses

The Davis City Council officially hit the brakes on the city’s burgeoning retail cannabis industry on Tuesday night.

Having approved five storefront cannabis dispensaries and four delivery-only businesses in the last five months, the council now will sit back and see how the market shakes out before deciding whether to approve any more.

The urgency ordinance, approved unanimously on Tuesday, limits to four the number of non-storefront, delivery-only cannabis retailers permitted by the city until at least March 2019. Such businesses sell and deliver medicinal and recreational cannabis to customers who place orders over the phone or by the internet. Two have been approved to set up shop on Second Street and two more on Chiles Road in South Davis.

Meanwhile, the city’s existing retail cannabis ordinance already limits to five the number of storefront dispensaries the city may approve before March 2019.

However, several council members suggested March 2019 may be too soon

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