Five things you should know before starting your work day on Nov. 21

Good midweek morning all! The stories in today’s newsletter tie together in their search for clarity, whether in laws, investigations, ombuds research or the future. Enjoy!


A Canadian cannabis investor on his way to a Las Vegas industry convention was given a lifetime U.S. entry ban. At least 12 other Canadians en route to the Marijuana Business Conference Expo were detained by U.S. border guards at Pearson, Vanmala Subramaniam reports. Some 25,000 investors, entrepreneurs, lenders, lobbyists and licensed cannabis producers attended. Some Canadians found workarounds by not flying directly to their destination, using stops in California before flying on. The banned investor’s U.S. lawyer said Canada needs to shoulder some of the blame for not appreciating how serious earlier warnings about the issue were.


Newfoundland’s largest-ever oil spill is now impossible to clean up. The local regulatory

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