How to Make Pot Latkes and Brighten Up Your Hanukkah with Cannabis

Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, features many traditions: Candles glow on the menorah, families gamble with gelt (chocolate coins) in the game of dreidel, and celebrants fry latkes (potato pancakes) and savor sufganiyot (jelly doughnuts). Like at Christmas, there are holiday parties, gifts, and gatherings of loved ones. And for some, a newer Hanukkah tradition is becoming part of the scene: infusing the holiday spirit with cannabis.

Philip Gelb – a vegan chef in Northern California and owner of the catering company Sound and Savor – has hosted cannabis and food pairing events for the last three years in West Oakland. On December 2, the first night of the eight-day festival, he presented Light Up for Chanukkah (an alternate spelling).

As guests walked in the door, they were handed a vaporizer by grower Joseph Snow of Snowtill Gardens. “We started with perky sativas in the first two courses

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