Mergers and Acquisitions 101: Cannabis Market Trends and What Consolidation Means for the Global Industry

The past 12 months have seen a surge in mergers and acquisitions across the global cannabis industry. Even as widespread legalization is only just beginning in certain corners of the world, significant market consolidation is under way.

To understand those trends—and to better grasp what’s sure to be an even more active MA season in the coming months—Cannabis Business Times and Cannabis Dispensary turned to Dan Nicholls, director of Capital Markets Advisory Services at the MGO | ELLO Cannabis Alliance.

Eric Sandy: Could you place this growing trend of high-profile mergers acquisitions in the context of the broader cannabis industry? Is this wave of consolidation happening earlier than one might expect from a young market like this, or does this track with the rapid growth that the market is seeing in general?

Dan Nicholls: I think it’s a mix of both. People that are in this industry have a good

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