5 Tips for Introducing Cannabis to Your Family Celebrations This Holiday Season

Feel It Out First

You know your family culture best. Perhaps your relatives already pass the Dutchie to the left, or perhaps they used to. In this case, sharing your stash is a matter of logistics—checking in with your hosts to ensure they’re onboard, choosing a delivery method, strain, and dose that works for the crowd, and ensuring kids don’t get their hands on it.

But if yours is a brood of buzzkills, consider this holiday season your opening move in a long game, one that starts with a conversation. Medical cannabis and CBD—a.k.a, the gateway cannabinoid—are great topics for gently steering the family conversation towards acceptance.

Go Low and Slow

What’s fun for seasoned stoners can be terrifying for nug newbies, so be careful when you’re choosing which products to share. There’s nothing like a bad first experience

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