Beware of Counterfeit Vape Cartridges, Concentrate Producers Warn Consumers

Largely fuelled by illicit cannabis dispensaries, knock-off brand name vape cartridges are a growing concern.

Counterfeit products are nothing new. With a quick Google search, you can find your pick of knock-off designer goods, from handbags to sunglasses. Increasingly, however, the cannabis market has become a target for bootleggers as brands start to build wide-ranging consumer recognition and pull in huge sums of money. And producers of cannabis vaporizer products seem to be the choice pick for counterfeiters.

“Some of the larger brands that have real existing market traction and demand are probably the biggest targets for this, because the brands almost sell themselves,” executive director of the Cannabis Distribution Association explained to Marijuana Business Daily. “There are still hundreds of unlicensed shops and delivery services in the state, and that is where this issue is most pervasive.”

And the unlicensed nature of these shops seems to be key here. As

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