Cannabis stock report: Aphria climbs back as only the faithful remain

After a pause in trading on Wednesday, the North American Marijuana Index fell again on Thursday, a lingering result of the continued impact of the recent short-seller attack on Aphria Inc. (NYSE:APHA) (TSX:APHA). Aphria itself managed to stay in the black on Wednesday, even as the short seller, Hindenburg Research released a second potentially-damaging report, calling into question Aphria’s relationship with Florida-based Liberty Health Sciences.

After days of spinning their wheels, Aphria appears to have put some sort of response plan into action, announcing the formation of a special committee to review the LATAM acquisition. It’s a basic, but welcome PR move to investors, though one they were clamoring for days ago.

“We are committed to protecting our shareholders and restoring market confidence by confirming all the facts through an independent process to rebut innuendo and deception,” said CEO Vic Neufeld in a statement. “Until then, it

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