ISO 420: Finding Cannabis, Friendship & Relief on Bunz

Now, Bunz has grown from a local Toronto trading group into a booming Canada-wide community. There are zones for plant and pet advice, for housing and job ads, for friend meet-ups and dating. There are dozens of Bunz zones with hundreds of thousands of members, plus an app with more than two million items posted for trade, and its own currency, BTZ.

But no matter how big Bunz gets, some things remain the same. People—or “buns,” as they’re referred to in the community—are forever ISO transit tokens, tall-cans… and 420.

Cannabis has always been a big part of Bunz.

Buns will share flower and edibles; meet up to smoke together (and, hopefully, make a new pal); and offer suggestions and testimonials for different types of cannabis and strains for various ailments.

In honour of the legalization of cannabis across Canada, we wanted to celebrate all the ways CBD

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