Liam Corcoran: Teach cannabis misuse prevention, not use prevention

Editor’s note: This commentary is by Liam Corcoran, of Monkton, who is a former medical marijuana dispensary supervisor, currently an elementary school teacher, and a board member of the educational nonprofit STEAM Vermont. He is the founder and owner of oK, an organization that provides workshops and resources related to understanding and developing financial, political and personal power.

I want to address the proposed use for the tax revenue from recreational cannabis. Specifically, I want to start a conversation regarding the regional prevention networks mentioned in VTDigger’s article titled “Marijuana panel seeks public’s input on tax and regulate system” and the recent Education and Prevention Report draft by the Marijuana Commission.

The merits of the motivation behind this are clear but the core assumption of “prevention” needs to be addressed. Are we really considering preaching prevention while simultaneously creating a state-sanctioned cannabis industry? Kids can detect that kind of hypocrisy

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