Recreational marijuana supporters to give it another shot in…

Despite failing by a 59 percent to 41 percent margin earlier this month, Owen said they are using North Dakota attorneys to write the new proposed language for the ballot measure.

What will be different, he said, is that the proposal will include provisions for tax revenue from sales and limits on the amounts of marijuana an individual can grow or possess.

Other regulations are also planned.

“It’ll be a more traditional legalization bill,” he said, similar to those that have passed in other states.

He also said if legislators work on a decriminalization bill in the upcoming legislative session starting in January, he would “100 percent” support that step.

“As long as we can keep people out of prison for marijuana and allow people to have theirs for their medicine, I’m all for it,” said Owen, who has said he doesn’t smoke pot himself.

Owen said they decided to go for it again about

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