Spokane Green Leaf continues to adapt – The Spokesman

If Todd Bennatt wanted to have a normal job, he’d still be an environmental engineer.

Instead, he’s co-owner of Spokane Green Leaf, which was the first licensed cannabis retailer in Spokane County and in the state of Washington. He and Kirk Haggerty opened the shop’s doors July 18, 2014, and since then they’ve seen the entire industry grow and change, grow and change, and grow and change some more.

“It feels like such a long time ago,” Bennatt said. “One year in the cannabis world seems like seven years in any other business.”

Before taking on this venture, he worked as an environmental engineer for 17 years, focusing on regulatory compliance. Selling legal cannabis to the public has been is nothing like that fairly predictable, fairly dull line of work.

“Everything is so fluid, and if you don’t like change, it isn’t a good environment for you,” he said. “What’s not to

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