Cresco Labs names key marketing executives

Cresco Labs, one of the fastest-growing medical marijuana players in the state, is on a mission to rehab weed’s image. Founders Joe Caltabiano and Charlie Bachtell want to vanquish the shady, skunky vibe of traditional head shops and replace them with a cannabis version of Starbucks or Kraft.

“The word ‘appropriate’ has been our North Star,” says Bachtell. “It needed to stop being ‘pot’ and needed to become professionalized and normalized.”

To help speed that process—and to appeal to the booming group of medical marijuana consumers whom Bachtell describes as “North Shore women battling chemo-induced nausea”—Cresco has hired a slew of  executives with experience at Apple, Gatorade and MillerCoors.

Today, the River North-based company, which began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange this week, said it tapped two Chicago marketers for senior roles: Cory Rothschild, former director of consumer engagement at Gatorade, has been named vice president of brand marketing,

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