The 10 Best Weed-Friendly Travel Destinations In America

best weed friendly destinations


Vacations are freaking fantastic. Whether it’s a trek to a hidden beach covered in pristine white sands or a few days in your apartment recharging your batteries (no, we will not call it a “staycation”), time spent away from the daily grind is priceless.
Cannabis can also be freaking fantastic, when used wisely. Combining the two is a no-brainer.

The legalization of recreational cannabis is still relatively new, so the weed-travel industry is baby fresh. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t hotels begging for your patronage with vaporizer gift bags and ultra-modern decor or well-organized tours that will ferry you between notable cannabis locales and dispensaries. There are, in certain states. In others, a weed vacay still means finding accommodations and exploring the area’s cannabis culture on your own. Both can be tons of fun.

The list

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