Today’s letters: Say yes to private pot shops, Ottawa

Private pot shops are inevitable in Ottawa

Re: City council should allow private pot shops to operate in the capital, staff recommend, Dec. 5

I am surprised that there are people who do not want Ottawa to permit pot shops to operate here. Pot has been available, albeit illegally, for decades, and without legal pot shops to distribute this now-legal product, it will continue to be available. We tried banning sales for about 90 years, and it didn’t work.

After Prohibition in Ontario ended, municipalities still had the local option to ban the sale of alcohol. My hometown, Fergus, was one of the last holdouts in that regard, ending the ban in the 1970s. Anyone who wanted to buy a bottle of liquor had to drive to the neighbouring village of Elora, or get it from a bootlegger. That was a failed experiment. Let’s not repeat it and expect different results.

Norman Smith,

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