What Does It Take To Start And Run A Successful Small Business In Vermont?

What do you do when you want to start something new, but you don’t know exactly how?

That’s what Luke McGowan was wondering.

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“I’d gotten to Vermont, and had a little trouble finding a full-time job, so I’d been looking around, and nothing had felt quite right,” Luke says. “And that’s when I decided, ‘Well, maybe I should cut out on my own and try and do this.’”

Luke, who had moved to the Upper Valley from Boston, decided to take the plunge and start a business: McGowan Consulting. But he wasn’t sure if he was going about it in the best way.

“I had to go register with the [Vermont Secretary of State] and get my business license,” Luke says, “and I was kind of curious, ‘Am I doing everything that I’m supposed to be doing? Is there more

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