Where to Find the Best Humboldt County Cannabis Strains & Products

Terp Preservation Society

Every connoisseur of cannabis extracts has this brand on their short list of favorite producers. Increasingly available in dispensaries outside of Humboldt County, these precious terps aren’t just for locals anymore. Look for flavorful live resin made from Mendo Breath, Harry’s Wonder and AK-47 on shelves in the Emerald Triangle and the Bay Area.

Places to Find It:

Up North Humboldt

A collective of Emerald Triangle farmers collectively organized under one banner, this distribution company reps the best cannabis from “Up North.” Look for perfectly grown and cured flowers including classic like Durban Poison alongside newer favorites Sherbet and Grape Soda.

Places to Find It:

Humboldt Farms

(Courtesy Humboldt Farms)... read more at: https://www.leafly.com/news/strains-products/find-best-strains-products-from-humboldt-cannabis-farms