Cannabis Predictions for 2019

In the last few years, I have glommed onto the idea that I don’t have to make any resolutions or predictions for the New Year. Those goals and guessing games that are nothing but pathways to failure now are set curbside next to the Christmas trees and overstuffed recycling bins. I do, however, like to make plans, say, map out an itinerary for a trip to Italy, which trumps the latest diet, er, eating plan any ol’ day. I also like to hear how the experts, even self-appointed ones, weigh in on a variety of subjects: the economy, world affairs, the Kardashians, what have you.

So, it was with great interest I read “24 Cannabis Predictions for 2019 That Will Come True,” compiled by the staff. The subject matter intrigues me, of course. Equally intriguing is the pure chutzpah of the brazen title. (Note to self: Circle back around

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