New Packaging Paradigms: Judging a Cannabis Product by Its Cover

Two thousand eighteen was the Year of the Package for the cannabis industry, for several reasons: Packaging compliance in many states changed radically, product competition in dispensaries escalated, and the brand wars heated up. Seizing upon all the activity, many well-established and start-up packaging companies took their wares to myriad expos, showcasing what they could do to improve industry standards.

Perhaps the biggest packaging trend was sustainable materials. Companies like Sana Packaging, which uses 100-percent plant-based hemp plastic made in the USA, and STO Responsible, which uses oxygen-driven degradable plastic, claim their products can restore the natural order of nature. STO co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Sandra Elkind, a longtime medical marijuana patient, noticed many of the products she used not only were unattractive, but most also were not functional. Almost all of them were made of unsustainable materials. Elkind embarked on a mission to

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