Using A Dry Herb Vaporizer: Is It Actually Better For You Than Smoking?

Vaping is the healthier high

Some of the biggest complaints about smoking marijuana are the smell and the harsh effect of the smoke on your respiratory tract. While smoking weed has been shown to be safer for your lungs than smoking tobacco, it’s not without drawbacks. Using a dry herb vaporizer is a less smelly alternative to smoking, but is it actually safer for you too? Yes, yes it is.

Vaping: The Healthier Long-Term Option!

Vaping does require a larger initial monetary investment, but once you start experiencing the benefits, you’ll find it well worth it. In fact, you’ll actually save money in the long run since you will get more out of your bud and spend less on disposable supplies. Here’s why you should be jumping on the vaping bandwagon!

Smoking marijuana, while not linked to lung cancer, does produce some tar and known carcinogens. These

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