Guest column: Why Cleveland Clinic won’t recommend medical marijuana for patients – Record

On Sept. 8, Ohio law began permitting state-licensed dispensaries to sell marijuana to treat a specific set of health conditions, with a doctor’s recommendation. We at Cleveland Clinic, however, will not be recommending “medical marijuana” for our patients.

At Cleveland Clinic, we believe there are better alternatives.

In the world of healthcare, a medication is a drug that has endured extensive clinical trials, public hearings and approval by the U.S. Food Drug Administration. Medications are tested for safety and efficacy. They are closely regulated, from production to distribution. They are accurately dosed, down to the milligram.

Medical marijuana is none of those things.

The Ohio law allows marijuana to be dispensed for 21 specific health conditions, including AIDS, cancer, epilepsy, MS, severe or intractable pain, and ulcerative colitis, to name a few.

Rather than relying on marijuana, we – governments, regulators, medical researchers and pharmaceutical companies

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