Medical marijuana hits the market this week – Record

Decoding that funky smell isn’t something the state requires of medical marijuana testing labs.

“But the whole goal is to give our customer an overall picture of their product,” said Matt Wagner, a senior chemist at North Coast Testing Laboratories LLC in Streetsboro, the first lab approved by the state to test the inaugural crops of medicinal marijuana in Ohio.

Along with terpenes (which produce that vaguely piney smell) and cannabinoids (which render medicinal benefits), “a lot of customers like to see what their trichomes look like. It’s one way to check the maturity of the plant,” Wagner said.

Last employed as a researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, Wagner never imagined he’d be sloshing green mixtures of marijuana and methanol in beakers or squinting at microscopic images of buds that resemble speckled Christmas trees covered in oily droplets at a high magnification. Since the first samples arrived

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