Medical marijuana will trickle out in Ohio this week

The state’s long-simmering medical-marijuana program, authorized by the legislature in 2016, will record the first legal sale of cannabis in Ohio sometime this week, probably in a suburb of Steubenville in Jefferson County.

“We’re very, very close,” said Thomas Rosenberger, executive director of the National Cannabis Association of Ohio, a trade association.

Although sales will begin this week, it will be months before the program’s cultivators, processors, testing labs and dispensaries fully join the supply chain. The initial quantities of marijuana will be small, the dispensaries selling it few, and the supply spotty for weeks, according to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Due to a lack of processors ready to operate, the only form of cannabis available at the start will be dried flower — the stuff you might be familiar with if you have ever smoked a joint (or saw someone doing it). In Ohio, though, smoking marijuana remains illegal,

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