NV sees one-year anniversary for recreational pot sales

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) — It’s the one-year anniversary of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada and the industry has exceeded expectations.

Nevada marijuana graphic.

The Nevada Department of Taxation says in the first 10 months, marijuana sales in Nevada have exceeded projections for the entire fiscal year. So far overall sales, including medical and recreational have reached $433.5 million.

Will Adler says he is pleased with how the first year has gone.

“We haven’t seen a massive increase in any sort of marijuana related incidents. On the criminality end, that is a huge success,” said Will Adler, Sierra Cannabis Coalition.

When asked about the effect of legalized recreational marijuana has had on the legal side, the Washoe County District Attorney’s office says it’s too soon to tell if there is a growing trend. But they will continue to watch the crime rates closely.


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