Recreational marijuana legalized in Massachusetts, Connecticut impacted | News

Recreational marijuana is set to be legalized on Tuesday, and Connecticut officials and police are gauging how the state will be impacted.

Channel 3 spoke with officials from towns that directly border the Massachusetts who shared what they are doing to spot people who might be driving while high.

With two of the shops set to sell recreational marijuana not far from the Connecticut border, police will be checking to see if drivers are bringing the substance over the border.

“We are always very active and we encourage our officers to be very active related to drug or drunk driving,” said Suffield Police Department Captain Christopher McKee.

Driving under the influence of marijuana can impair your reaction time, said McKee, so one of the things officer can look for is driving too slowly.

“One classic example, the proverbial window comes down and the puff of marijuana smoke comes out of the car window,” said Captain

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