Op-Ed: The Experiential Necessity For Cannabis Retailers

As you may know, I was the founder and CEO of the Meridian Consulting Group. We had a retail consulting division and were responsible for projects like the “CVS store of the future” (CVS was the client, thank you Larry Zigarelli), or the reinvention of Walmart Skincare (special thanks to Pat Peters from Unilever, who commissioned that project).

In each case we tried to combine quantitative and qualitative analysis to maximize the sales and profit/foot for the retailer, and create a special experience for the consumer—something that would excite, stimulate and engage the shopper in a way that had not happened previously. Some called it “retail-tainment”—yes, entertainment at retail (for the Baby Boomers reading this, think Stew Leonard’s, or Wegmans). Those that did it well experienced a degree of consumer loyalty that helped set them apart, and enhancements in bottom-line contribution that made them much more competitive relative to their peer

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