Our Supreme Cannabis Stock Prediction in 2019 (Buy or Sell?)

Investors looking for “the next big thing” are drawn to marijuana stocks. And why not? The legalization of cannabis is one of the greatest investment opportunities in a generation.

However, when the news is out about an industry’s good fortunes, the rest of the investment herd piles in. The boom-bust cycle inexorably kicks in.

That brings us to the topic of Supreme Cannabis (OTC: SPRWF, TSXV: FIRE), a $459.5 million cap producer of cannabis. Hot stock or disaster waiting to happen?

The dilemma with marijuana plays is trying to determine which ones become lasting businesses. Many will simply vanish into the vortex of penny stock land.

Canada’s nationwide legalization of marijuana in 2018 boosted the sector. Meanwhile, several U.S. states have legalized weed to various degrees and the pot lobby is strong.

Who succeeds and who doesn’t? Our SPRWF stock prediction will examine all of

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