Paul Turner: Yesterday’s free range baby boomers – The Spokesman

It’s almost always best to resist the urge to make self-serving statements that begin “Back when I was a kid.”

For one thing, nobody cares.

And for another, you just wind up sounding like a cranky old fool who hasn’t really come to terms with the fact time has marched on since you were 10 back in 1965.

But there is one situation in which an older observer of the passing scene will find it all but impossible to keep his or her remarks to himself: Watching children sledding.

At least that’s the way it seemed while spending time at Manito Park last week.

It was a high-energy happening, full of squeals and happy yelps. Still, there was no mistaking that this was 2018.

The hovering presence of parents at the sledding hill just west of Grand Boulevard was nothing new. The idea of kids spending two seconds of unsupervised time was long ago overruled by

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