Pot growers and bong makers are the newest tourist trail

LA-based Green Tours is adding an itinerary that includes a pot-smoking session with weed-loving ’70s movie legend, Tommy Chong. That tour is priced at $US149 a person, owner Gene Grozovskiy says.

Grozovskiy’s father thought his son was nuts when he announced plans to quit his full-time job as a patient placement co-ordinator at a large Los Angeles hospital to start a marijuana tour company.

“At first, pops was like, ‘You want to do what kind of tours?”‘ Grozovskiy, 35, recalls. “He thought I was just being silly.”

Explosion of related businesses

Other tour company owners also come with respectable pedigrees and want to hop on what they see as a profitable future in recreational cannabis.

Travel booking websites, such as Expedia, are reluctant to accept ads for any cannabis-related business, even if they don’t actually sell marijuana. file image

Jones, who works

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